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What We Do

All photography provided by our volunteers

Full Circle has created a safe haven for horses and people.  All who Join our Circle experience the joy and deep satisfaction that only comes when one person chooses to help another.


Our Purpose

At Full Circle we believe that horses are not tools for entertainment and recreation.  They are amazing partners that lead us to self-discovery and healing. With their ability to read our body language and sense our true intentions horses reflect our emotions and help us learn about ourselves. By providing individuals with an opportunity to interact with the horses who they are helping to save Full Circle is arming them with skills needed to save and heal themselves. 

Everything has value and everyone is welcome…

— Full Circle Values

What We’ve Achieved

  • Provided quality care and rehabilitation for horses with no where else to go
  • Created a safe environment for both people and horses to grow and heal
  • Partnered with other organizations to make interacting with horses available to the people they are serving
  • Promoted the need for responsible breeding to help reduce the number of unwanted horses
  • Shared knowledge with others as to the true cost and commitment of horse ownership
  • Formed an ever growing “Circle” of people who desire to reach out to others in our community in need of encouragement and hope
  • Enriched our own lives while learning from and helping others
  • Changed lives, one horse and one person at a time